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What’s My Hormone Type?

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What's my hormone type?

Every woman has a unique hormonal signature. But clinically, most women fall into 1 of 7 core Hormone Types.

Interestingly, a woman’s type can change over time. So to combat the weight gain, stress, hot flashes, fatigue, mood changes, reduced libido, and difficulty sleeping that often make life miserable as she ages, it’s important for a woman to know what her hormone type is right now.

That’s where Dr. Jade Teta comes in. He’s an expert on female metabolism.

He’s developed a quick and easy online tool that reveals a woman’s hormone type in 60 seconds.  It can be found here: What Hormone Type Am I?

But he doesn’t stop there. He also gives women a customized plan for their exact hormone type. It acts like an instruction manual for a woman’s body.

It’s based on his proven 4M framework developed over the last 25 years of working with the female metabolism and includes:

  • The best foods to eat and when (the right amount of carbs is critical)…
  • Simple daily habits to keep a lid on cortisol so she can keep burning fat…
  • A specific type of workout that works wonders on the “menopause belly”…

This action plan helps protect a woman from those dual metabolic threats and helps her feel what it’s like to work with – instead of fight against – her hormones.

Any woman can discover what her own hormone type is right now and the foods and exercises that work best for her specific type on this page.